Memorial High School vocational programs receive significant donation of power tools ?>

Memorial High School vocational programs receive significant donation of power tools

SYDNEY MINES — Memorial Composite High School is one of two high schools in the province that received 27 power tools donated by DeWALT, valued at approximately $9,000. “Tools are always in need of replacement and updates,” said Ken Collier, Memorial Composite High School’s vocational department head. “This addition will give our students great tools to work with in our respective vocational programs.” Skills Canada-Nova Scotia secured a new gold level partnership with Stanley Black & Decker Canada, making DeWALT…

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Power Tool Safety Rules ?>

Power Tool Safety Rules

Every tool has rules and precautions that apply to it. In the case of power tools, many of these are the same for each tool every time. Learn these by heart and you’ll always be off to a safe start. • Always read, understand and follow the Instruction Manual before attempting to use any power tool in any way. Also read the nameplate information and follow the warning labels on the tool itself. • Always wear safety goggles or safety…

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Easy Baseboard Trimming with an Oscillating Multi-Tool ?>

Easy Baseboard Trimming with an Oscillating Multi-Tool

Trimming household baseboard can be a difficult task for anyone, from do-it-yourselfers up to skilled craftsmen. This is especially true if you remove the baseboard – trimming in place calls for greater care and precision so as not to damage anything else in the structure of the wall. Baseboard often needs to be trimmed during installation so as to achieve a good snug fit with the wall, but the difficulty comes in when you have to avoid damage to the…

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Gutter Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairing ?>

Gutter Maintenance, Cleaning and Repairing

We have received a lot of emails lately about people having problems with their gutters and other problems that are associated with gutters, so we figured now would be a great time to put this problem to rest.  A lot of people never realize they have a problem with the gutters until it is too late.  We all get very busy with day to day tasks and the gutters are usually the last item on the list, if they are…

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Building Strong Business Relationships ?>

Building Strong Business Relationships

Relationships Matter There is more to estimating than just “counting widgets”, material take-offs, and pricing.  It boils down to relationships.  It is crucial that to be successful, no matter in what field, relationships are very important.  You have heard the saying, “It doesn’t matter what you know, it’s who you know”.  Well, you can only fake things for so long if you don’t know what you’re doing, however, solid relationships with good people will always help. Obviously, a subcontractor or…

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Tips and Tricks For Using Power Tool ?>

Tips and Tricks For Using Power Tool

Pitch on your best saw blade? Sanding belt clogged with paint? No worries. Here are a few power tool tips. Drill chuck needs replacement–Using the chuck key, open the chuck to its maximum opening. Inside you will see a screw that must be removed before replacing the chuck. This screw has a reverse thread, which means that you must unscrew it in the right hand direction. Once the screw is removed, insert the chuck key into the chuck and strike…

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8 Projects Using Oscillating Tools ?>

8 Projects Using Oscillating Tools

These 8 following jobs using oscillating tools will help you save much time An oscillating tool with a variety of attachments will help you save a lot of time. It is really useful for various tasks such as sanding, scraping, flush cutting, etc. Here are 8 ways for quicker and easier DIY task by using an oscillating tool. Make plunge cuts One of the convenient use of an oscillating tool is its capability to make plunge cuts in various materials…

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Four Essential Power Tools ?>

Four Essential Power Tools

Nowadays, DIY home renovation projects have become more popular. To do these tasks, hand tools are not enough. Here is a list of 4 necessary power tools Cordless Drill A cordless drill is the most indispensable power tools. With a drill, you will be able to handle almost drilling jobs from a tiny pilot holes to big holes. The cordless drill business supply many compact 12v tools. They are light, high-tech, and powerful with their size. An 18v is likely…

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7 ways to avoid wasting cash on renovating & redesigning your home ?>

7 ways to avoid wasting cash on renovating & redesigning your home

We’ve had quite few requests for our tips and tricks on keeping prices down whereas renovating our Project House on a shoe-string budget. I compiled a basic list of things we did reduce our expenditure in restraint in our project house and in different renovation proposals within the past. Mis-tinted paint When I go into my second home I had little or no cash to pay on paint, however I liked to color each area a distinct color. thus I…

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7 common mistakes when choosing a paint color ?>

7 common mistakes when choosing a paint color

Picking the color that will cover the whole room can be a challenging task — just where to begin when gazing at wall of hundreds of shades? To help you approach the paint lane with self-confidence, we asked home designers to share the biggest mistakes they see DIYers make most frequently. Choose a tone by looking at the paint chip only. “Verry small swatches can be confusing,” says home designer Kaylan Kane. “I always suggest painting a comparatively large wall in…

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